Friday, September 23, 2016

From Student to Staff

This school year we welcomed a new face to our ACMS office team. Ms. Anna Feller was hired this summer as the new attendance/student services secretary.  Ms. Feller’s journey to this position is unique because she was also a student at Asa Clark.

Ms. Feller attended Asa Clark from 2003-2005 and graduated from Pewaukee High School in 2009.  During her time at Asa Clark, her favorite teachers were Mrs. Mundt and Mr. Cattarozzle because they had a great attitudes in class, and made the learning environment enjoyable.  One of her most memorable moments was when she was in band with Mr. Kuehl and participating in auditions.  She beat out all of the other saxophone players for first chair and was really excited.  She was also on the volleyball team during middle school.

Ms. Feller has enjoyed growing up and living in Pewaukee. When she saw that there was an opportunity to give back to the school she once attended, she knew she could not pass it up. She is also very excited to work within the middle school because it is a  transitional time for students and she can relate to what they are going through based on her middle school years.  Overall, Ms. Feller is looking forward to becoming a part of the Asa Clark / Pewaukee School District family, as well as watching each and every student grow and succeed. (posted by Mr. Pizzo)

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Back to School Concert

The family of ACMS student, Gabriel F, and additional band members perform a free back to school concert at the Pewaukee Lake Pavilion on September 10th. Gabriel grabs the microphone and sings his first song for the crowd. Great classic rock hits were played. (posted by Ms. Greupink)

Nature Sketches

2D Art spent several classes outside to create sketches for a landscape painting. They analyzed the way objects overlap, as well as depicted a sense space by creating strong foreground, middle ground, and background. They also created detail sketches of the tree trunks, leaves, and branches.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Living Her Passion

Allie is an 8th grader who is taking charge of her passion for singing. In addition to singing the National Anthem at a volleyball qualifier in Chicago this past spring, Allie had the opportunity to perform at a recent Pewaukee Pirate JV football game. She hopes to one day be a voice coach so that she can share her passion for music and inspire others to pursue their dreams. (posted by Ms. KBD)

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Asa Clark Middle School Reflections (Past & Present)

This year has been an interesting experience. All the students have been positive and enjoyable to learn with, and I have gained many new friends. The Asa Clark teachers have been encouraging and helpful. Although you may think middle school is going to be boring, it isn't at all. Good luck to next year’s 7th graders!
~ Cole H. (Class of 2021)

On my first day of 7th grade at ACMS, I totally couldn't get my locker open and I was FREAKING OUT. One of the teachers helped me get the custodian and that's when I realized that I wasn't alone "swimming in this new ocean". I loved 7th grade and it was a fun experience. That's when I met my best friends and now I hang out with them all the time. When I went to 8th grade, it was even better - new teachers, new people, and new classes. Even though it was tough this year, I totally enjoyed it and I have grown so much (literally and figuratively).
~ Logan T. (Class of 2020)

Middle school was a blast! Coming from a different school, I met so many new people at Asa. I developed many great relationships with people, and I think those friendships will last for a long time. The sports I took part in were also very fun. When I would take part in these sports, everyone would cheer for me and I would cheer for them. The teachers were also very enjoyable. The teachers would greet me with a smile. During class, the teachers would try their best to make the lessons fun even when we had work to do.
~ Zoe G. (Class of 2019)

Middle School was a big transition period in my life. I met many of my life long friends and began to see what types of classes I was interested in. Being able to participate in extra circulars such as soccer, basketball, XC, track and Student Council gave me a good sense of balance in my life between school, friends, sports and more. The teachers and faculty at Asa are so supportive and prepare you well for high school. Enjoy these two years- join activities, try new things, meet new people and learn as much as you can! It goes by fast and before you know it, you’re a freshman in high school!
~ Molly H. (Class of 2013)

(posted by Mrs. Giese)

Thursday, June 2, 2016

I am... (A Social Experiment)

I am strong.  I am physically, mentally and emotionally strong. There are important things that comprehend with being strong. I am strong to know what is the right decision but I am also strong to deal with the consequences if I make the wrong decision. Being strong could bring out the happy side of you, the mad side of you and even the sad side of you. Strength has many different meanings and different people interpret strength in many different ways. Some people think it means how many sports you play and how much muscle you have, others think it means pain and how you deal with pain. For me, it’s the second one.

I am willing.  Willing to take risks, willing to fail. Willing to take the longer path on the twistier road rather than the short, smooth ride. This is important because everybody makes mistakes and we should all learn from our mistakes that we may make down the twisty road. I can build by not only doing what is right, but also by failing.

I am lost.  Although we must take the longer road at times, sometimes that road is a couple miles too long. We get lost along the path, most of us don’t find our way back. When we get lost, the only thing we can do to be found, is fix ourselves. Fix the problems, fix the pain. Fix the tough times we have brewing inside us, fix what we didn’t know were problems.

I am caring.  Deep down I care about what people say to me and I care about how I react to them. I care about people and most of the time the “people” is only me. I care about myself. I care about what I look like, I care about what I wear to school everyday and how I do my hair and how I do my makeup because I care about what people say behind my back that I don’t know about. People say “You can’t let those words tear you down.” But what they should be saying is, “I know how you feel.” Everyone goes through this and everyone cares about what other people say about them. The only thing is, the people talking about others just don’t CARE.

I am emotional.  I cry, I laugh, I fall but I also get back up. I find the hope within myself and I pick myself back up when I fall. Times get tough, I know, but there is always, no matter what, still that spark in you to start your fire back up, even when the wood is wet.

I am determined.  I find the path of life and I take it. Sometimes the path isn’t always lying in front of you, but takes you on a different journey to find it. That’s where determination comes into play. Most do not succeed when finding the path of life, but I work hard to get there. I fall, I lose, I get lost but I find my way back through determination. With determination comes struggle, comes heartbreak for various reasons and most importantly comes the path and finding the path makes all the struggle and heartbreak worth it.

I am knowing.  I know what is right and what is wrong. I know that ‘doing something just because your friend does it’ is most of the time wrong. I know I am loud, I know I get excited too easily. But, I also know that sometimes the only path of life is going to be long and twisty and I know that life will never be perfect. I know I am not perfect, but I also know that I am strong, willing, lost, caring, emotional, determined and knowing. These things that I know that I am make me who I am and I am okay with not being a perfect child living in a perfect world. I know.

Video and reflection by Emily K (submitted by Ms. Pinzl)

The Biggest Loser

[Note to the reader: A narrative is a story, and narratives can take many different forms. In this piece, an 8th grader uses narrative form to explore an important lesson she learned in childhood.]

Growing up, I had a very small house with a sizeable yard. Lucky for us kids, we enjoyed being outside all day long. We were able to amuse ourselves with sports and games, meanwhile keeping out of my mom’s hair. From the moment the sun came up and I finished devouring my breakfast, to the second I was called upon for dinner, I would challenge my siblings in a variety of games. Brooke, only two years older than me, was a close competitor, but ultimately had more skills than me. Griffin, my brother four years older, was like a species of his own. He would taunt us, running slower or showing the ball in front of us. Then, as soon as we would go for it…woosh! He would take off and win the game.

All day we would play soccer, basketball, capture the flag and more fun games. I would always come out on the bottom of the pack. Occasionally, I would go crying into my room because “Griffin wasn’t being fair.” or “Brooke made me fall.” I would lay in my bed with my teary eyes and frowny face shoved into my pillow and I would think of all the reasons why the games weren’t fair. Eventually I would get bored sulking in my bedroom and would mope back outside to play again. Annoyed, my siblings would hold their tongues and let me rejoin.
One roasting hot summer day, my siblings and I decided not to let the heat stop us from having fun. We dusted off the sprinkler and continued our games, only stopping for an occasional leap through the cool water. We decided to play soccer, Griffin’s personal favorite game. Like usual, Griffin cruised through Brooke and me, scoring more goals than we could count. Again. Again and again. Every goal discouraged me more. The mixture of emotions from the scorching heat and my aggravating losing streak caused me to act up and go crying to my room. While whimpering upstairs, I quickly realized that no one cared that I wasn’t playing. No one was upset that I was pouting… except for me.

I decided to wipe my tears away and go back outside. I sluggishly walked back outside and returned to the front yard where Brooke and Griffin were kicking the soccer ball back and forth. I approached them to a close enough distance for them to know I was ready to receive the ball. After 5 times of them passing to each other and ignoring me, I assured myself that if I were to steal the ball, they would have to start playing again. As the ball left Brooke’s foot and progressed towards Griffin, I lunged forward and picked off the ball. Sprinting a couple of yards forward, I only heard silence behind me. Neither of my siblings were falling for my plan. Instead they held their feet to the ground like glue and gave me a dirty look. Then after all of the times I ran away, pouted and complained, Brooke and Griffin discarded all of their emotions. “Are you going to be a baby like always?” Brooke roared. Then Griffin chimed in, “Do you think you can always just come back and act like you weren’t a brat?” As they howled and made fun of me, I started to form a rock in the back of my throat. I just wanted to run away, but I knew they would make fun of me more. Instead I kicked the soccer ball between my feet and pretended to ignore them. As the day went on they let me play again.
From then on, when I wanted to run away and cry, I would stay and hold my ground. I learned that it was okay to lose games, even when the scores aren’t even comparable. The most important thing when playing is not to win (though it does feel nice sometimes). The most important thing is to have fun and be a good sport. Now, no matter what the competition is, I know that I need to have good sportsmanship and keep my cool. Because I was the biggest loser as a kid, I learned to play with fairness, now I am the biggest winner… Even when I lose. - by Vivianne J (submitted by Mrs. Reagles)

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