Tuesday, October 18, 2016

An essay about tolerance, as a country, and as a school

by Valerie W.

Everyone gets that feeling of butterflies flapping in their stomach, palms sometimes start sweating buckets, you start shaking and that one thing is all you can think about. It can happen to anyone, not just in a sports game. It can be waiting for a test result, finding out what part you get in a play, or going to present something in front of your class. When you win or get the grade, or part you wanted, you just want to celebrate. Celebrate with your friends, teammates, or new cast. A whole layer of stress just lifts off your shoulders. No matter who you are around when something amazing happens, you are ecstatic. Even if you show it to someone that you aren’t that great of friends with, it still is exciting. Leroy Butler explains this in his piece that he wrote. It is all about how sports can bring us together. “You and anyone around you might be all but blood enemies. Yet here at the game, you’re all in it together. You’re on the same team.” Throughout the whole piece, he talks about how sports can bring people together and teach them things about life as well. I feel like Leroy Butler is trying to show teens around the world that we need to stop focusing on why we don’t like some people and more about putting ourselves in each other's shoes.

Our world has changed so much with people judging others about more and more things that shouldn’t matter. For us teens, we don’t like some people because they did something that was totally rude in 3rd grade, or possibly spread some secret rumor about you in 5th grade, or maybe that person just isn’t in your group of friends. Why can’t we just go back to how it was in kindergarten: be friends with everyone, have a kind heart, and just be curious about everything? As we get older almost every teenager either gossips or just makes fun of one another. Leroy Butler stated that  “We’re all God’s kids, and I think He wants us to play nicely together on this playground called Earth, and not hurt one another.” We need to take this into consideration and live everyday as if we were young.

 I have talked to so many different people from different schools and almost every one of them said that there is a ‘popular’ group of kids that just seem like they have no heart. I am not saying that teens need to be best friends with everyone 24/7, just that they should remember that they are humans too and have feelings. Another thing mentioned in that piece of writing was how in a football game, people cheer together and laugh together for about 3-4 hours. None of that gossiping and talking behind people’s backs matters anymore, because we are all in the game together. With just this little bit of time in your week, this time should show how you should act at school, at practice, and at home.  Wherever you are, just don't forget about the time that you can share together.
As you can see, even just a small getaway like a sports game, or a trip to the past could change how you see things. We shouldn’t dwell on the past because today is in the present. Each year that I have gone to school, there seems to be more and more drama. I understand that some believe this is just how life goes, but why can’t all teenagers learn that it isn’t right. Life goes on, and I know that gossiping will never go away completely because it is something natural that some people do. However, people need to understand what it feels like to get talked about behind their back; it hurts. Putting yourself in someone else’s shoes is something very difficult, but it will help limit the amount of mean things that are said at school. (submitted by Mrs. Whelan)

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Cross Country Team - Catch 'em if you can!

This year our cross country teams are being coached by Abby Bartz, Christina Callies, and Cathy Walz. You still have one opportunity to watch these young athletes challenge themselves to achieve their personal best time. Their last meet is the Waukesha Invite (Minooka Park)  - Wednesday, October 12 at 4:25 p.m. Go Pirates! (posted by Ms. KBD)

"Just Breathe" by Izzy Y.

Authors Note:  This short poem is my story about running cross country at Grant Park, where lake Michigan is right beside the course in the cool woods. This is one of my favorite courses, because it is so picturesque and the lake’s spray keeps you refreshed.

Left, right, left, right
My feet fall softly in front of each other
In, out, in, out
I breathe deeply through my nose

Leaves drift around me
As dirt loosens under my tired feet
In the distance I can hear waves
And Lake Michigan’s wind sweeps up it’s spray onto my face

Nature outlines my path
But it is beginning to blur as I grow weary
Mostly green with hints of red and yellow
Is the bleary picture that I see

I beg to stop, but I won’t
Controlled stubbornness is the only thing that drives me forward
Aside from my aching feet
I must keep on moving

I see a girl ahead
Our athletic shirts matchup
I pick up the pace
And she does too, pitter pat pitter pat

It’s me, I exhale
And she begins to slow down
Together we run through the trees
As we here cheers ringing in the outskirts of the woods

I continue running
And I see a mass of people ahead of me
I go a little faster now
The terrain is beginning level and only about 100 meters in front of me is the finish line

Faster and faster I run
Rapidly picking up speed as I zoom past the crowds
Closer and closer the finish comes
And I fly to the end and with nothing left...

I breathe
Just breathe.

(posted by Mrs. Whelan) 

Friday, September 30, 2016

Original Student Quotes

2 Shadows by Thomas Leuthard
Featured Author: Nouchi W. 
(posted by Mrs. Whelan)

"A shadow is known by its owner, for a face is all many look to see.
I know not what I want to be, but what I shouldn't become."

Student Book Review: Of Mice and Men

Review by Aiden Yauchler

Of Mice and Men is a book that you will get into right from the beginning and since it is only around one hundred pages, it will end very quickly. You will really get connected to one of the main characters, Lennie, and the ending will kill you. In a brief summary, this book is about George, a small but smart man, and Lennie, a living giant with the brain of a six-year-old. Lennie is one of the sweetest guys you will ever meet but he gets them in trouble a lot because he doesn't know his own strength. This is a book that you will not want to put down and one of my all time favorites. John Steinbeck is an amazing author with other great books like The Grapes of Wrath and East of Eden, but this will definitely be one of the best books you will ever read.

(posted by Mrs. Whelan)

2 Students, 2 Viewpoints, 1 Asa Clark

Do you remember the summer before starting middle school, and all of the thoughts and feelings you may have had? Were you nervous for the changes, excited for new opportunities, or maybe both? Many students here at Asa had those same thoughts and feelings.

A seventh grader, Khadija, shared that at first she was nervous because switching classes every period was something new. Another seventh grade student, David, added to this concern, stating that he was nervous about getting lost. However, middle school also brought excitement. Khadija said she was excited because she had the opportunity to try new things here at Asa. In addition, there were a variety of electives that students had the option to choose from.

Now that a month has gone by since the first day of school, seventh graders’ thoughts and feelings about middle school have changed. David stated that the transitions from class to class are easier than he thought they would be. Khadija added that she is not as nervous anymore for the same reason. In addition, they are both more comfortable now that they understand the school layout, the rules, and where they are going.

As a seventh or eighth grade student, the transition to a new school, or even just transitioning from summer vacation to the beginning of a new year, can take individuals either a short or a long time to adjust. If the transition seems to be taking longer than hoped or expected, Khadijah encourages students to join a club to meet people who share similar experiences. One last thought from David is that he encourages students to keep trying hard. All in all, students may have similar or different experiences and opinions with the transition process. (posted by Ms. Bartoszewski)


Coached by Sarah Coburn and Emily Pinzl, our 7th and 8th grade girls' basketball teams are undefeated in conference play. Be sure to catch the girls in action during one of their upcoming games. Go Pirates!
(posted by Ms. KBD)

Friday, September 23, 2016

From Student to Staff

This school year we welcomed a new face to our ACMS office team. Ms. Anna Feller was hired this summer as the new attendance/student services secretary.  Ms. Feller’s journey to this position is unique because she was also a student at Asa Clark.

Ms. Feller attended Asa Clark from 2003-2005 and graduated from Pewaukee High School in 2009.  During her time at Asa Clark, her favorite teachers were Mrs. Mundt and Mr. Cattarozzle because they had a great attitudes in class, and made the learning environment enjoyable.  One of her most memorable moments was when she was in band with Mr. Kuehl and participating in auditions.  She beat out all of the other saxophone players for first chair and was really excited.  She was also on the volleyball team during middle school.

Ms. Feller has enjoyed growing up and living in Pewaukee. When she saw that there was an opportunity to give back to the school she once attended, she knew she could not pass it up. She is also very excited to work within the middle school because it is a  transitional time for students and she can relate to what they are going through based on her middle school years.  Overall, Ms. Feller is looking forward to becoming a part of the Asa Clark / Pewaukee School District family, as well as watching each and every student grow and succeed. (posted by Mr. Pizzo)
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