Monday, January 16, 2017

Buzzin’ Around the World

All students at Asa Clark participated in the preliminary rounds of the National Geography Bee in early December. The National Geography Bee is a nationwide event that provides students the opportunity to increase their knowledge about the world through a fun and competitive manner at three different levels, including the school, state, and national level. Sixteen students advanced to the school’s final round for the opportunity to take a qualifying test to compete at the state level.  Each student continued to demonstrate their knowledge about the world and how it works. It was a series of events that included hard thinking, as well as, many laughs!

Pictured from left to right: Neelay (2nd place), Tyler (1st place), and Noah (3rd place).  (posted by Ms. Bartoszewski)

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Mysteries Beyond the Blue Sky

by Nedda B.

Author’s Note: This poem is following the style of a sonnet poem, but it has a little twist on it. Instead of going ABABCDCDEFEF... This poem will go AABCCDEEF… I want you to figure out what the setting is to the poem, so your mind can focus on some of the deep meanings hidden within the poem. Have a blast!

Beyond the blue sky
there up high.
Is a mysterious place.
Objects flying around.
Some even coming down,
to crash into our beautiful planet.

The atmosphere, black as ink
makes you think.
What is this place?
The things you are about to see
mixed like objects in the sea
Are grand, spherical, celestial bodies.
Some made up of gas.
Some you can touch when you pass.
Being thousands of miles apart,
the climate can change.
Leaving Earth estranged.
To have different species roaming around until they fall down.

There is no air
accumulating there
So it sounds as quiet as being
ten feet under water.
Below the yachter.
With the orbs spinning
1,040 miles per hour.
Might make you feel sweet and sour.
Plus, remember…
There is no oxygen
Which gives you no option
To breathe.

Without a big, white suit,
You could be the same as a pruned fruit,
that no one desires to be.
No gravity to let you stand
Upon the land
While Earth is safe and secure, to allow you to walk around and be pure.

(posted by Mrs. Whelan)

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

What is it like being a new student?

This year, Asa Clark Middle School welcomed over 25 new students. Each student had a different perspective of what it was like to be a new student at Asa, meaning that this year there were over 25 different perspectives! Here is one perspective of what it was like to be a new student:

“Being a new student can be very scary for some. You have to make new friends, meet new teachers, learn new curriculum, and, for some, move to a new house. This happened to me only a few weeks ago, but I had friends that knew me from sixth grade when I moved.  So, I got a head start by already knowing kids that went to Asa, but I still had new teachers and new curriculum to learn. The teachers and students of Asa made me feel very welcomed on my first day back to Pewaukee. They understood that I had to learn how everything worked here and they showed me the ropes. Overall, this is a great school with great staff and great students.” -Vaughn (posted by Ms. Bartoszewski)

Morning Music

Asa Clark Jazz Band plays for students before Thanksgiving break.

The Past & The Future

by AlGene C (posted by Mrs. Whelan)

When I was younger I lived in Cleveland, Ohio, on a busy street called Detroit Road.I didn’t have many friends and then had no one to talk to. My parents were always too busy and my sisters hated spending time with me. So like most small, 4 to 7-year-old children, I made my own friends. But I failed, for my imagination was set on creating worlds with characters of my own design. Most of the time I was flying. Even though I wasn’t there I could feel the wind blowing through my hair; the clouds as I glided through them, the small drops of water tapping my face. Yes my images were small, but to me they were my only true place to be and not be alone at the same time. Then I moved for the first time.
New house. New people. New neighbors. New everything. My sisters and I weren't affected that much. For we were too young to realize what happened. But at that moment I found my first acquaintance, and his name was  Anthony. Now he wasn’t a real friend he was more like a TRAP to me; his words were like fire and actions like bricks raining from the sky and crashing on my head. I always was the player two in our crimes. We would run from the man behind the huge pine trees. I thought we were having fun. But I was the one taking the punishment. I was the one that was unhappy. The one that was left in the snow crying. The one with the black eye, and the blood-covered nose. Then a ray of light shined on me with one word. -----Moving. At the time I didn’t know why he was so mean and still considered him a friend. So as a result, on that single day when I got into that car to move away, I cried as I said good bye. For I had no one else to go to. No one to laugh with, no one to spend time with. Again I was alone. Even though I was finally free from that horrible experience, I didn’t feel good about it.
While I was dealing with the problem at home I was also dealing with a new school. A school that talked about how you could be anything but made it to the point you were nothing. The teachers were hypocrites; they would say stand up to bullying but not help when they saw it. They would punish you for being weak or scared. For me, the detention room was my class. I would be punished for the things I didn’t do. If it was for yelling @#%# in the lunchroom. Or saying that I was going to kill a kid. I had no friends in that hole. I was alone. No teachers to help me. That's the thing about teachers. They don’t understand kids and what they're going through. They don't understand how much pain I was in. Always living in fear of the sport kids. I had no talents. No special abilities. I had nothing. They made me felt like nothing. It hurt and no matter how hard I tried it wouldn't go away. I was crushed to the point I again felt that I wasn’t needed in this world. There was a guidance counselor that was supposed to help. But instead of stopping the real problem she made it seem like I was the problem. Why didn’t you do this?  Well, you did do this. My parents were the same. When I did stand up for myself I still got in trouble. But then the golden word appeared again.  -----Moving. The word that set me free again.
Now I am here, talking about the past - how it hurt me, and how I wish it never happened. The past is the past. After that third time moving I had lost all hope for a happy life.

Then I got to my new school. It was my first day of third grade. I was alone... I hadn't made any friends, nor did I want to. I had no skills. No similar interests of other boys. While some played football, I played. I was in the still in the sky. Then I met people. I slowly started to come out of my bubble. I knew it would take a long to to keep popping my bubble. Even now I still have parts of it floating around me. Yes I did find people that blew a new one around me. But I pushed through it. I learned to look at the bigger picture.

Don’t take pity on me. Learn from me. Learn to stop looking in the past, and start looking into the future. Yes the past has shaped me into the person I am today. Even though i’m still finding myself I know that. Sometime, somewhere I will find who I am. So if you're having trouble with your past. Stop. Take a moment, and think about the future. For staying in the past will get you nowhere. Take it from me. It’s difficult I know, but you will find yourself.

Monday, November 21, 2016


"The only person that I can depend on and love and know that that person will always be there for me is my ​m​om. She will always be the person I appreciate the most. No matter what, she tries her hardest to keep me happy, to keep me loved, and most of all just be there for me when I need her the most. I am so thankful for everything she has done for me even if it is just saying "hi" every day. I am so thankful that she tries to set a good example for me and my family. So the one person I appreciate the most is my mom and I’ll  love her forever." - Dalten

In addition to their many responsibilities as library secretaries, Lynn Turba and Beth Doome, asked the Language Arts teachers to have their students reflect upon the concept of gratitude. All students and staff were then encouraged to share their thoughts on autumn-colored leaves. If you happen to be in the library, take a few minutes to read and enjoy all the wonderful things our students are grateful for. (posted by Ms. KBD)

The Very Caring - Catherine Canning

“How can I start this off? There are so many things that I can say about Mrs. Canning and how she helped me grow as a student. When I first met her she was a very welcoming person to Asa. Those first time jitters, Mrs. Canning made it better. She would use humor, something I will always remember about her. Although her technology skills weren’t always at her best, she always had a positive attitude. Mrs. Canning is many wonderful things. She is kind, encouraging and lovable! Mrs. Canning has helped me was a student, just by following her lead. Even if she doesn’t understand somethings, or can’t get something to work, she always problem solves. I don’t think I have ever seen Mrs. Canning be negative about anything. She is always positive, and it really shows through to her students. Mrs Canning always has a positive attitude and is always shining bright! We will forever love Mrs.Canning and we hope to see her around during school!” - Fiona and Hadley

“The best part of subbing is the variety - everyday is different and interesting. After being in the one system for an extended time, I’ve enjoyed the rapport that I have developed with the staff and students. It really is a satisfying experience.” - Mrs. Canning

Catherine Canning has been subbing for the Pewaukee School District for nine years. Prior to subbing for us, she taught Reading, Language Arts, American History, Geography, and Ancient History at Holy Apostles. In addition to teaching, Mrs. Canning was an assistant basketball coach and served as secretary, then president of the Holy Apostles Athletic Association. (posted by Ms. KBD)

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